Former Pro Staff Members

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  • Vicki Andrusziewicz
  • Mike Collins

    Mike Collins

    Director of Competitive Sports Facilities, 2012-Present
    Assistant Director for Intramural Sports, 2006-2012

    Now (Fall 2014): Moving up the ladder, now the Director of Competitive Sport Facilities and Sport Clubs. Married with a daughter and son.

    IM Story: Brings his talents to various sports. Spends considerable time fishing. Fish spend considerable time swimming away from him.

  • Mark Crager

    Mark Crager

    Director of Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs, 2002-2005

    Now (Fall 2018): Director of Recreational Sports at Southern Miss. Finally tied the knot with Carlene in July 2011, added a son in 2014.

    IM Story: Known as the Dream Crusher, was a champion wiffleball player before "old age" caught up to him.

  • Cynthia Cull Henry

    Cynthia Cull Henry

    Administrative Assistant, 1996-2012

    Now (Fall 2018): After 16 years of welcoming guests to the IM Office, Cynthia moved over to the FSU Counseling Center in 2012 to put her outstanding Office Mom skills up for a new challenge. In 2018, she retired from FSU.

    IM Story: Tried her luck at IM bowling with disastrous results. Owner of loudest laugh in Tully Gym history.

  • Haley Drometer Cox
  • Andrew Funari
  • Ben Holmes

    Ben Holmes

    Coordinator of Intramural Sports, 2013-Present
    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2011-2012

    Now (Fall 2013): Back in Tallahassee, too, as a Coordinator for Intramural Sports at FSU.

    IM Story: Took over role as sandiest supervisor from Chadick in 09-10. Great Protector of IM Property: Chief once chased down a TV thief at the RSP in a golf cart.

  • Laura McErlean Johnson

    Laura Johnson

    Assistant Director of Intramural Sports, 2001-2002

    Now (Fall 2016): Associate Director for Operations at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. Added a daughter to the family in March 2008.

    IM Story: Receiver of monster chest-bump. Survivor of the Chad & Dave years.

  • Tim Kellison

    Tim Kellison

    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2007-2009

    Now (Fall 2016): Dr. Kellison is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Georgia State University.

    IM Story: Accurately and frequently accused others of spending more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff. Last member of the Big Ten GAs dynasty, until 2014.

  • Carlene Kratz Crager

    Carlene Kratz

    Graduate Assistant for Sport Clubs, 2002-2004

    Now (Fall 2014): Working with Enterprise in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Indeed, it's official: Now married to Crager. Added one to the family in 2014.

    IM Story: Again, more of a Sport Club story. Served as our last GA for Sport Clubs before the position went full-time in 2004.

  • Chad McKenzie

    Chad McKenzie

    Director of Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs, 2000-2002

    Now (Fall 2012): After long stint in Sport Clubs at the University of Texas, now working for City of Round Rock developing a new sports facility. Coaching son Jared, rising baseball star, in little league games.

    IM Story: Infamous hat toss following gutter balls in bowling. Dangerous near a river walk.

  • Maureen Michaud

    Maureen Michaud

    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2008-2010

    Now (Spring 2014): Still in Big Sky country, working with Campus Rec at Montana State.

    IM Story: Frequent "Moe-ments" kept the staff on their toes and entertained.

  • David Peters

    David Peters

    Associate Director for Campus Recreation, 2013-Present
    Director for Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs, 2006-2013
    Assistant Director for Intramural Sports, 2002-2006
    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2000-2002

    Now (Spring 2014): Never leaving, at least FSU. Moved to Associate Director role in 2013. Also, hosts banquets, announces at stadiums, teaches classes. Still has no athletic talent. Finally married (Allison) in 2014.

    IM Story: Staff meteorologist. Water Boy of Gutter Cleaners bowling dynasty. Expert wallyball player.

  • Travis Redeker

    Travis Redeker

    Assistant Director for Sport Clubs, 2004-2007

    Now (Fall 2016): Associate Director for Program Management at Kansas State University. Married (Maureen) in 2010, added a son in 2014.

    IM Story: Trav was the tallest member of the Campus Rec staff during his tenure. Known for his random singing abilities.

  • Nick Rider

    Nick Rider

    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2002-2004

    Now (Fall 2011): Working television production at NASCAR races for SportsMEDIA Technology Corporation.

    IM Story: Leader of Gutter Gleaners dynasty which recorded the infamous "Comeback" to win the 2002 bowling title.

  • Matt Schneider
  • Tommy Schorer

    Tommy Schorer

    Assistant Director for Sport Clubs, 2008-2010
    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2006-2008

    Now (Fall 2013): After 4 years at FSU, returned to the Land of Corn. Now Director of Intramural Sports at the University of Iowa. Married in 2013 (Kari) and added a daughter (Alexis) in 2016.

    IM Story: Largest ears in IM program history.

  • Cam Swoboda

    Cam Swoboda

    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2009-2011

    Now (Fall 2013): Now a Logistics and Intern Coordinator for IRONMAN, based in Tampa.

    IM Story: Brought the Ohio U influence to FSU. Cincinnati sports fan, if only it had good sports teams.

  • Brooke Turner

    Brooke Turner

    Graduate Assistant for Intramural Sports, 2004-2006

    Now (Fall 2016): Now Director of Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs at the University of Alabama.

    IM Story: Athletic stories are sparse. But interestingly, Dave had actually worked with Brooke while she was in high school... of course, we didn't realize that until after we hired her as GA. Scary.

In the Field

These Former FSU IM Staff Work in Collegiate Recreation.

  • Ben Blodgett
  • Andrew Chadick
  • Mike Collins
  • Mark Crager
    Southern Miss
  • Haley Drometer Cox
  • Andrew Funari
    Florida Gulf Coast
  • Antonio Gonzalez
  • Darrell Hargreaves
  • Ben Holmes
  • Matt O'Connor
  • Dan Payne
    Middle Tennessee St
  • David Peters
  • Matt Schneider
  • Tommy Schorer
  • Brooke Turner