2007-2008 Graduates

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  • Steve Cotton

    Steve Cotton

    Summer 2008, Exercise Science

    Now (Spring 2014): IT Specialist at Florida State. Married, yes, married.

    IM Story: The photo says it all...

  • Kristyn Kellogg

    Kristyn Kellogg

    Spring 2008, Entrepeneurship and Small Business Management

    Now (Fall 2008): Representative with King Pharmaceuticals. Married as well.

    IM Story: Our first sorority insider as Delta Zeta member and IM staffer.

  • Becki Kielaszek

    Becki Kielaszek

    Spring 2008, Psychology

    Now (Fall 2009): Soon to complete her master's degree in Family and Child Studies at Texas State.

    IM Story: In golf cart shenanigans, once was part of the crew that stole the west side's cart that ran over Cotton when it was stolen back.

  • Andy Larkin

    Andy Larkin

    Spring 2008, Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Doing good work abroad.

    IM Story: Here we go again, Larkin #2 was younger but taller than his older brother Bob. Continued the volleyball supremecy for the Larkin family.

  • Craig Leduc

    Craig Leduc

    Spring 2008, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Following a stint as a GA at UMass-Lowell, he's now Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs at West Chester University (PA).

    SC Story: Ran the show in Sport Clubs for his final year at FSU. First of many ice hockey players posing as Sport Club staff members.

  • Megan Murphy Lenahan

    Megan Murphy

    Spring 2008, Social Science Education

    Now (Fall 2013): Special education teacher at Dunwoody Elementary in the Atlanta area. Part of IM wedding #3, marrying Brian in 2010.

    IM Story: Injured her knee flushing a toilet. Yes, that's right, flushing a toilet.

  • Dan Payne

    Dan Payne

    Spring 2008, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2015): Now the Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and Special Events at James Madison University.

    IM Story: Earned All-American honors as a flag football official in 2007. A little crazy over shredders.

  • Kedrick Range

    Kedrick Range

    Spring 2008, Finance & Accounting

    Now (Fall 2012): Accountant in South Florida. Married to fellow-alum JJ. That's full-time work!

    IM Story: One half of our 2008 twins with brother Kenneth.

  • Sean Reynolds, M.S.

    Sean Reynolds

    Fall 2006, Anthropology and Fall 2007, MS in Geography

    Now (Fall 2011): Back from his Peace Corps work in Armenia. Now married (Aghavni) and a Geospatial Analyst with Harris Corp.

    IM Story: Yet another soccer fanatic from the Reynolds family. Once punted a dodgeball during a match.

  • Anastasia Saunders, M.S.

    Anastasia Saunders

    Summer 2007, Recreation & Leisure Studies and Fall 2008, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2012): Compilance Coordinator and Sport Manager for AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). Sideline reporter for select sporting events.

    IM Story: Radio's infamous "Red Warning" now used to scare people off fields during thunderstorms.

  • Tommy Schorer, M.S.

    Tommy Schorer

    Spring 2008, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2013): After 4 years at FSU, returned to the Land of Corn. Now Director of Intramural Sports at the University of Iowa. Married in 2013 (Kari).

    IM Story: Largest ears in IM program history.

  • Aaron Smiley

    Aaron Smiley

    Summer 2008, International Affairs and Spring 2010, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2015): Working in municipal recreation in the Jacksonville area. IM Story: A high-pitched timeout was a Smiley trademark.

    IM Story: A high-pitched timeout was a Smiley trademark.

  • Paul Spisak

    Paul Spisak

    Fall 2007, Management

    Now (Fall 2011): Teaching high school math in the Tampa area. Married Emily, a lovely Marching Chief, in 2011.

    IM Story: Incredible talent for rephrasing and reasking a previous question in trainings and meetings.

  • Rodney Vance

    Rodney Vance

    Spring 2008, Criminology

    Now (Fall 2012): Now law enforcing with the Orlando P.D.

    IM Story: Member of the illustrious Cold Blooded IM franchise. The no-nonsense enforcer as a supervisor. Lost prized alum status when attending FSU-UM game in Tallahassee as a Miami fan.

  • C-J Waters

    C-J Waters

    Spring 2005, Psychology and Fall 2007, Master's in Social Work

    Now (Fall 2012): Taking her social work skills to Texas.

    IM Story: Yet another IM staffer who dominated IM co-rec and women's leagues for nearly a decade. Wait, she was in school for nearly a decade.

  • Dan Zealy

    Dan Zealy

    Fall 2007, Sociology

    Now (Fall 2014): Now with Business Services at Georgia Tech. Served as official scorer for FSU basketball, 2010-14. Married former IM staffer Anna Featherman in 2013.

    IM Story: Never seemed to get away from the IM Office. Zealy Wednesdays were a staple in the IM Office for seven years when he worked for FSU Business Services.


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All-American Awards: Dan Payne (Flag Football)

Program Awards: Craig Leduc (Employee of the Year), Andrew Chadick (Supervisor), Volleyball (Sport Committee), Ryan Dawson (Commitment to Excellence), Brian Levesque (Official), Jordan Barker (Rookie), Jacquie Munn (Unsung Hero)

Director: David Peters (IM and SC)

Assistant Directors: Mike Collins (IM)

Graduate Assistants: Tommy Schorer (IM), Tim Kellison (IM)

Program Assistant: Craig Leduc (SC)