2009-2010 Graduates

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  • Thad Anderson

    Thad Anderson

    Spring 2010, Political Science

    Now (Fall 2012): Recently married (Danica). Working at a residential center for kids that are on their way to foster and adoptive care in the Chicago area.

    IM Story: Whereas Whidden had the monster truck, too-tall Thad had his scooter.

  • Amanda Atkins

    Amanda Atkins

    Spring 2010, Human Resource Management

    Now (Fall 2014): Surviving the snow in Boston while putting her HR degree to good use.

    IM Story: Yet another from the growing trend of promotion from sign-in staff to supervisor.

  • Britney Barnett

    Britney Barnett

    Spring 2010, Accounting

    Now (Spring 2014): Yet another of our IM Accountants, returned to Florida after a stint in Chicago.

    IM Story: Infamously became "Red Drank" after professing a love for the red drink at the IM retreat in 2008.

  • Jonathon Crouch

    Jonathon Crouch

    Spring 2010, Mathematics Education

    Now (Fall 2012): Teaching high school mathematics and coaching varsity boys soccer in St. Pete.

    SC Story: A Sport Clubber for life, Crouch was the maturity in the Sport Club Office in his final year, if that's possible.

  • Ryan Dawson

    Ryan Dawson

    Fall 2008, International Affairs & Political Science and Summer 2010, History

    Now (Summer 2015): Teaching history in Vero Beach. Recently married.

    IM Story: Never, ever has his shirt untucked. Any shirt. Ever.

  • Daniel Erickson

    Daniel Erickson

    Spring 2010, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2015): Intramural Sports and Sport Club Coordinator at Sam Houston State University.

    IM Story: Forever known as "McLovin" for his resemblence to the Superbad actor. A kickball all-star and leader of the Holy Hasselhoff IM franchise.

  • Matias Ferradas

    Matias Ferradas

    Spring 2010, Finance & Marketing

    Now (Fall 2011): Officially a Marketing Analyst for Burger King. May just be the King in those commercials.

  • Alli Glick

    Alli Glick

    Spring 2010, Multinational Business Operations and Chinese Language & Culture

    Now (Fall 2013): Finished up grad school at Tianjin Foreign Studies University with a Masters in Chinese Linguistics.

    SC Story: Chong-Nhu brown belt who wowwed all with her breaking technique. Beware.

  • Emily Grossman

    Emily Grossman

    Spring 2010, Classical Civilizations and Psychology

    Now (Fall 2015): Working in the DC area. Also plays defensive line for the DC Divas, a professional women's tackle football team. Won the WFA National Championship.

    IM Story: Sign-in staff, official, and supervisor... Emily did it all.

  • Dave Haverman

    Dave Haverman

    Spring 2010, Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Now (Spring 2015):Haver-doc earned the MD from Miami med school and is now an anesthesiologist.

    IM Story: Ahh, Haver-dude. Never a dull moment. Amazing ability to saunter, just short of gliding on air, across a field to get into position.

  • Ben Holmes

    Ben Holmes

    Spring 2010, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2015): Back in Tallahassee, too, as a Coordinator for Intramural Sports at FSU.

    IM Story: Took over role as sandiest supervisor from Chadick in 09-10. Great Protector of IM Property: Chief once chased down a TV thief at the RSP in a golf cart.

  • Scott Lazarus

    Scott Lazarus

    Fall 2009, Accounting

    Now (Fall 2013): Putting his degrees to work, got a real-life career as an Accountant at KPMG in Chicago.

    IM Story: Hot Hot brought many talents to IM sports. He also brought Fratastic Fridays... sun's out, guns out.

  • Jessica Lola

    Jessica Lola

    Spring 2010, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Back in south Florida as a teacher and coach.

    IM Story: Multisport athlete who displayed talents at all levels from varsity softball to intramural flag football. Lola's talents overflowed as a staff member who worked every job in the program.

  • Maureen Michaud, MS

    Maureen Michaud

    Spring 2010, MS in Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2014): Still in Big Sky country, working with Campus Rec at Montana State.

    IM Story: Frequent "Moe-ments" kept the staff on their toes and entertained.

  • Jacquie Munn

    Jacquie Munn

    Spring 2010, Exercise Science

    Now (Fall 2012): Now in Pharmacy School at the University of Illinois - Chicago.

  • Tomas Pessenda

    Tomas Pessenda

    Spring 2010, Marketing & Management

    Now (Fall 2015): Utilizing alcohol skills as a wine distributor in Florida.

    IM Story: The man sweats Rogaine.

  • Michael Pivowar

    Michael Pivowar

    Spring 2010, Criminology

    Now (Summer 2014): Recently married and added a daughter to the family. Graduated from the police academy in Indiana.

    IM Story: Big baller. Became Julio through his work on the RSP Field Crew.

  • Stefan Scheuermann, MS

    Stefan Scheuermann

    Fall 2008, Management and Spring 2010, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2015): Global Branding Specialist for IRONMAN, based in Tampa.

    IM Story: Brought life to any IM gathering... the Stefan story is always a classic. An FSU Student Star in 2010.

  • Kristin Uhrinek Buitrago

    Kristin Uhrinek

    Spring 2010, English Literature & Spanish

    Now (Fall 2015): Back in St. Pete and recently married.

    IM Story: Flag football fanatic, yet never officiated a game as a staff member.

  • Ben Wenzofsky

    Ben Wenzofsky

    Spring 2010, Mechanical Engineering

    Now (Fall 2012): Got married, moved to Canada, eh!

    IM Story: Healthiest member of the Holy Hasselhoff crew.

  • Justin Whidden

    Justin Whidden

    Fall 2009, Environmental Studies

    Now (Fall 2009): Headed back to Sebring with his bachelor's degree.

    IM Story: Owner of the largest truck in IM Sports history.


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Program Awards: Stefan Scheuermann (Employee of the Year), Ben Holmes (Supervisor), Sport Club Program Assistants (Work Team), Alex Alvarez (Commitment to Excellence), Ryan Scarnecchia (Official), Scott Lazarus (Rookie), Laura McDonald (Unsung Hero)

Director: David Peters (IM and SC)

Assistant Directors: Mike Collins (IM), Tommy Schorer (SC)

Graduate Assistants: Maureen Michaud (IM), Cam Swoboda (IM)