2000-2001 Graduates

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  • Matias Arellano

    Matias Arellano

    Spring 2001, Social Science Education

    Now (Fall 2010): Teaching History and coaching basketball at Hialeah High School (FL). Married to a lovely lady and has a daughter and son.

    IM Story: Al Tuston referee protege, managed to incite a brawl on his 2nd night of officiating. Has the amazing ability to recite U.S. Vice-Presidents on command.

  • Chris Farrington

    Chris Farrington

    Spring 2001, Physical Education

    Now (Fall 2010): Serving as a missonary in Nicaragua. Married with three children.

    IM Story: Caught game-winning pass in P-Funk's flag football championship victory in 2000.

  • Rodney Fisher

    Rodney Fisher

    SSpring 2001, Finance & Marketing

    Now (Fall 2010): Branch Manager for Bank of America based out of Tampa.

    IM Story: Set the record for most 7:00 am meetings missed without getting fired. Broke in Joe Zanconato in his first officiating shift... Zanco barely survived.

  • Brian Picinic

    Brian Picinic

    Spring 2001, Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2014): Recreation Supervisor with the City of Lauderhill (Florida). Still part of the leadership team for the Franchise reunions each fall.

    IM Story: IM soccer champion, Member of Franchise bowling team that interrupted Gutter Cleaners dynasty in 2001.

  • Jenn Smith O'Connor

    Jenn Smith

    Spring 2001, Physical Education

    Now (Fall 2014): Headed to Charlottesville, Virginia with husband Matt O (1st IM wedding).

    IM Story: Set the record for years as an IM supervisor (5). Snagged a fellow IM supervisor to marry. Also snagged an IM champion t-shirt in 5 of her 6 years although rarely played anything.

  • Barbara Tonachio Kidd

    Barbara Tonachio

    Spring 2001, Social Science Education

    Now (Fall 2012): Married to a Navy man, now stationed in Washington state, a soldier herself now.

    IM Story: Office worker by day (even dusts), supervisor by night.


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Executed the amazing hiring of Laura McErlean Johnson, in the bar at the casino in Reno, Nevada. How about that?

Director: Chad McKenzie (IM and SC)

Assistant Director: None

Graduate Assistants: David Peters (IM), Erica Wasylishyn (SC)