2012-2013 Graduates

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  • Justin Abram

    Justin Abram

    Spring 2013, Criminology

    Now (Spring 2015): Now with the Hollywood (Fla) Police Department.

  • Vicki Andruszkiewicz

    Vicki Andruszkiewicz

    Spring 2013, MS in Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2015): After 2 years at Randolph College (Va), now the head women's basketball and softball coach at SUNY Delhi.

  • Jenny Anselmo

    Jenny Anselmo

    Fall 2012

    Now (Fall 2014): In the Army now. Stationed in Germany at last report.

  • Alex Avarello

    Alex Avarello

    Spring 2013

    Now (Fall 2014): Studying law at Nova Southeastern in South Florida.

  • Josh Burkett

    Josh Burkett

    Spring 2014, MAAAP

    Now (Spring 2015): Still in Tallahassee working as a lobbyist.

  • Tiffany Clarkson

    Tiffany Clarkson

    Spring 2013

    Now (Spring 2015): Now residing in New Jersey. Still playing Ultimate.

  • Kevin Dawson

    Kevin Dawson

    Spring 2013, Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2015): Headed back north to Ohio. Working for Enterprise Holdings.

  • Matt Donovan

    Matt Donovan

    Fall 2012

    Now (Fall 2014): Working in sales and marketing in the Orlando area.

  • Megan Earney

    Megan Earney

    Spring 2013, Biology

    Now (Spring 2015): Working on a master's degree in marine biology at Nova Southeastern.

  • Ashlyn Eldridge

    Ashlyn Eldridge

    Spring 2013, Art Education

    Now (Spring 2015): Elementary art teacher in Las Vegas.

  • Maddie Glick

    Maddie Glick

    Spring 2013

    Now (Spring 2015): Now with Darden Restaurants Corporate Office in Orlando. Will be part of first Sport Club wedding with Jonathon Crouch.

  • Jake Hawn

    Jake Hawn

    Spring 2013, Criminology

    Now (Spring 2015): In the Army now, stationed in California. Married with a daughter.

  • Jace Lange

    Jace Lange

    Spring 2013, Hospitality Management

    Now (Spring 2015): Front Office Supervisor at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta.

  • Alexis Lawrence

    Alexis Lawrence

    Spring 2013, Psychology

    Now (Spring 2015): Finishing up Graduate Assistant role with UT-San Antonio Campus Recreation.

  • Mario Mena

    Mario Mena

    Spring 2013

    Now (Spring 2015): Teaching Middle School as part of the Teach for America program in South Florida.

  • Tim Meyer

    Tim Meyer

    Spring 2013, Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2015): Teaching and coaching at Florida High School (Tallahassee).

  • Megan Moore

    Megan Moore

    Spring 2013

    Now (Spring 2015): Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports at Campbell University in North Carolina.

  • Ryan Nembhard

    Ryan Nembhard

    Spring 2013, Engineering

    Now (Fall 2014): Working for an engineering firm in south Florida.

  • Madison Truluck

    Madison Truluck

    Spring 2013, Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2015): Technical recruiter for TEKsystems in Tampa.

  • Emily Vierling

    Emily Vierling

    Spring 2013, Elementary Education

    Now (Spring 2015): Teaching 2nd Grade in the Orlando area.

  • Kevin Zandimoghaddam

    Kevin Zandimoghaddam

    Spring 2013, Business

    Now (Spring 2015): Also seemingly never leaving… Finishing up second master's degree, this one an MBA.

  • Kyle Zandimoghaddam

    Kyle Zandimoghaddam

    Spring 2013, Business

    Now (Spring 2015): Working in Finance for a small firm in the Atlanta area.


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All-American Awards: David Calhoun (Flag Football)

Program Awards: Alex Avarello (Employee of the Year), Tim Meyer (Sport Supervisor), Sam Spiers (Facility Supervisor), Alexis Lawrence (Commitment to Excellence), Elizabeth Doragh (Official), Garrett Rady (Rookie), Allie Stepina (Unsung Hero)

Directors: David Peters (IM), Mike Collins (CSF and SC)

Coordinators: Chris Schmoldt (SC), Haley Drometer (IM)

Graduate Assistants: Vicki Andruszkiewicz (IM), Matt Schneider (IM)

Intern: Kayla Johnson