2010-2011 Graduates

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  • Alex Alvarez

    Alex Alvarez

    Fall 2010, Recreation & Leisure Management

    Now (Spring 2014): Always a Seminole, but now lives in Nashville, works for the American Cancer Society.

    IM Story: Yet another sign-in extraordinaire who vaulted up the ranks. Crazed Jets fan, questionable MLB team allegiances.

  • Julian Austin

    Julian Austin

    Fall 2010, Humanities

    Now (Spring 2013): Returned to Atlanta after a stint in South Korea teaching English.

    IM Story: Defender of the honor of volleyball, pursuer of IM titles with the Holy Hasselhoff crew.

  • Britney Barnett, M.Acc.

    Britney Barnett

    Spring 2010, Accounting and Spring 2012, Master's in Accounting

    Now (Spring 2014): Yet another of our IM Accountants, returned to Florida after a stint in Chicago.

    IM Story: Infamously became "Red Drank" after professing a love for the red drink at the IM retreat in 2008.

  • Ben Blodgett

    Ben Blodgett

    Spring 2011, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2015): Assistant Manager for Building Operations at UMass Amherst after finishing up his term as a GA for Intramural Sports and Facilities at Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL.

  • Pat Carter

    Pat Carter

    Spring 2011, Political Science

    Now (Fall 2011): Working with Parks and Rec in the Tampa / Clearwater area.

    IM Story: Yet another set of IM staff siblings, this time twin brothers (Tim). Another kicking sport expert, often at home at soccer or kickball.

  • Tim Carter

    Tim Carter

    Spring 2011, Accounting & Finance

    Now (Fall 2011): Also back in the Tampa area.

    IM Story: The second half of the Carter brother duo (Pat), more soccer and kickball talent.

  • Justin Casserly

    Justin Casserly

    Spring 2011, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2014): Now working at MSG with the New York Rangers.

    SC Story: Ahh, Nottamucho. His hockey skills may have been questionable, but the fratastic skills were certain.

  • Bobby DeFelice

    Bobby DeFelice

    Spring 2011, International Affairs & Italian

    Now (Fall 2013): In the Army now...

    IM Story: Quietly kept IM soccer under control.

  • Ray Feran

    Ray Feran

    Spring 2011, Marketing & Sales

    Now (Fall 2012): After a short stint in Tennessee, worked in Tampa as a Recruiter for Remington College, next stop on the job circuit is Chicago.

    IM Story: Accepted the challenge of the basketball jerseys and subsequently became sandy. Comfortable in plaid, houndstooth, and gold glitter.

  • Matias Ferradas, M.B.A.

    Matias Ferradas

    Spring 2010, Finance & Marketing and Spring 2011, MBA

    Now (Fall 2011): Officially a Marketing Analyst for Burger King. May just be the King in those commercials.

  • Peter Fitzgerald

    Peter Fitzgerald

    Spring 2011, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Off to become a lawyer, studying at Northern Illinois University.

    SC Story: Speed and skill propelled Petey to IM championships and a #2 national finish with the club baseball team in 2011. And, he managed to work a bit too.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Antonio Gonzalez

    Spring 2011, Biology

    Now (Fall 2013): Finally left FSU, now he's back as Coordinator for Intramural Sports.

    IM Story: Perhaps too many to recount. Matt, er Antonio, worked 6 national flag football tournaments, countless IM shifts, and managed to not drive us totally insane... but close. Earned All-American Honors at the NCCS Flag Football National Championships in 2012 as GA at FIU.

  • Nick Jones

    Nick Jones

    Spring 2011, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Migrated to Atlanta will fellow hockey club member Casserly for grad school. Full time recruiting coordinator for football at Georgia State.

    SC Story: The calming influence to the Sport Club Office chaos. Narrow body often lost in hockey jerseys and XL sweatshirts.

  • Scott Lazarus, M.Acc.

    Scott Lazarus

    Fall 2009, Accounting and Fall 2010, Master's of Accounting

    Now (Fall 2013): Putting his degrees to work, got a real-life career as an Accountant at KPMG in Chicago.

    IM Story: Hot Hot brought many talents to IM sports. He also brought Fratastic Fridays... sun's out, guns out.

  • Alyse Mazziotta

    Alyse Mazziotta

    Fall 2010, Italian & Spanish

    Now (Spring 2011): Taking her multilinguistic talents on the road.

    IM Story: Miss Basketball in Intramural Sports, seemingly knew every hoops player on campus.

  • Laura McDonald, MAAPP

    Laura McDonald

    Spring 2010, Political Science and Spring 2012, Master's in Applied American Politics and Policy

    Now (Fall 2012): Political consultant and media strategist in our nation's capital helping get Democrats elected.

    IM Story: Political ambitions were helpful in sponsoring IM staff outings.

  • Nate Sahm, M.S.

    Nate Sahm

    Spring 2010, Sport Management and Spring 2012, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2012): Finishing up grad degree in Sport Administration while serving as a GA for the FSU Athletics Ticket Office.

  • Rick Shallow

    Rick Shallow

    Spring 2011, Marketing & Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Picked up a masters degree from Belmont in Nashville..

  • Daryl Sibble

    Daryl Sibble

    Spring 2011, Meteorology & Math

    Now (Fall 2011): Working on a graduate degree in biotechnology at FAMU.

    IM Story: It took over a decade, but finally another meteorologist in the supervisor ranks.

  • Curt Supple

    Curt Supple

    Spring 2011, Accounting

    Now (Fall 2012): Putting his accounting degree to work in the Tampa area.

    IM Story: The second half of this tandem of supervisor brothers. Straight shooter with trademark one-liners.

  • Cam Swoboda, M.S.

    Cam Swoboda

    Spring 2011, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2013): Now a Logistics and Intern Coordinator for IRONMAN, based in Tampa.

    IM Story: Brought the Ohio U influence to FSU. Cincinnati sports fan, if only it had good sports teams.

  • Shelli Warburton

    Shelli Warburton

    Spring 2011, Math Education

    Now (Fall 2011): Teaching algebra at Bryan Station HS in Lexington, Kentucky.

    IM Story: When to work dot com. Need we say more?

  • Reagan Westenbarger, M.S.

    Reagan Westenbarger

    Fall 2010, MS in Geography

    Now (Fall 2012): Trekked it over to the Jacksonville area for the next chapter after finally putting his lengthy IM career behind him (worked as undergrad at UWF as well).

    IM Story: Mr. Preparedness, whether for an IM shift, or a social event.


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Program Awards: Scott Lazarus (Employee of the Year), Ray Feran (Sport Supervisor), Ben Blodgett (Facility Supervisor), Peter Fizgerald (Leaps and Bounds), Clayton Matto (Official), Nick Overby (Rookie), Britney Barnett (Unsung Hero)

Director: David Peters (IM and SC)

Assistant Directors: Mike Collins (IM), Chris Schmoldt (SC)

Graduate Assistants: Cam Swoboda (IM), Alex Alvarez (IM)