2006-2007 Graduates

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  • Brandon Giles

    Brandon Giles

    Fall 2006, Multinational Business

    Now (Fall 2010): Account rep for Corvest Acquisition in Largo by day, bartender on select nights.

    IM Story: Hat on backwards, shirt half-tucked, camo shorts. Giles II proudly wore the anti-supervisor look.

  • Steven Hussey

    Steven Hussey

    Spring 2007, Computer Engineering

    Now (Fall 2011): Took his GT engineering master's degree to work at Lockheed Martin. Now in Boston. Married (Lindsay) in 2011.

    IM Story: Played every FSU IM sport. Every single one. Once called the director "unathletic"... to his face.

  • Jheanette James Range

    Jheanette James

    Summer 2007, Political Science

    Now (Fall 2012): Legal Assistant in South Florida, modeling on the side. Now married to fellow IM alum Kedrick Range.

    IM Story: Required a minimum air temperature of 72 degrees to take an outdoor shift... Saw a lot of JJ indoors from November til March.

  • Meghan Maloney, M.S.

    Meghan Maloney

    Spring 2006, Rec and Leisure Studies and Fall 2007, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2013): After several years in the Tampa Bay Rays front office as an assistant to the VP of Facilities, relocated to south Florida for new opportunity.

    IM Story: Dominated IM co-rec and women's leagues for nearly a decade. Wait, she was in school for nearly a decade.

  • Matt McCausey, M.S.

    Matt McCausey

    Spring 2006, Political Science and Fall 2007, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Spring 2012): Taking his marketing skills to the DC area to head up regional promotions for a major car company.

    IM Story: Still wondering just what exactly McCausey did on the job. He did manage to dream up some good ideas for the program.

  • Sean Reynolds

    Sean Reynolds

    Fall 2006, Anthropology

    Now (Fall 2011): Back from his Peace Corps work in Armenia. Now married (Aghavni) and a Geospatial Analyst with Harris Corp.

    IM Story: Yet another soccer fanatic from the Reynolds family. Once punted a dodgeball during a match.

  • Anastasia Saunders

    Anastasia Saunders

    Summer 2007, Recreation & Leisure Studies

    Now (Fall 2012): Compilance Coordinator and Sport Manager for AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). Sideline reporter for select sporting events.

    IM Story: Radio's infamous "Red Warning" now used to scare people off fields during thunderstorms.

  • Cory Supple

    Cory Supple

    Spring 2007, Finance

    Now (Fall 2014): Back to banking and investments work with Sagicor Life Insurance Company in Tampa. Married in 2010 (Katie), expecting a new family addition later in 2014.

    IM Story: The first half in another tandem of IM supervisor brothers.

  • Brian Valentine

    Brian Valentine

    Summer 2007, Political Science

    Now (Fall 2015): Moved to the DC area, teaching middle school science along with his officiating pursuits. Monopoly game expert, #3 in the world in 2015.

    IM Story: Trademark technical foul allowed him to befriend many IM basketball players.


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Program Awards: Anna Featherman (Employee of the Year), Andy Larkin (Supervisor), Volleyball (Sport Committee), Dan Payne (Commitment to Excellence), Greg Faulk (Official), Antonio Gonzalez (Rookie), Jeston Cornelius (Unsung Hero)

Director: David Peters (IM and SC)

Assistant Directors: Travis Redeker (SC), Mike Collins (IM)

Graduate Assistant: Tommy Schorer (IM)