2004-2005 Graduates

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  • Shane Faux

    Shane Faux

    Spring 2005, Real Estate

    Now (Fall 2013): Served in Iraq in the fall of 2007 and 2008-09 with the Army. Now in Flight School in Pensacola. Married a nice Gator (Melissa) and recently added a son to the family.

    IM Story: Shorter half of the Mennona-Faux duo.

  • Chris Giles

    Chris Giles

    Fall 2004, Criminology

    Now (Spring 2010): Patrolling the streets for the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office in Tampa area. Recently engaged to be married.

    IM Story: The first coming of Giles (preceding Brandon). You'd think we would have learned the first time.

  • Matt Hernandez

    Matt Hernandez

    Spring 2005, Marketing

    Now (Fall 2013): Teaching high school and coaching flag football (#2 in Florida in 2010 and 2011) down in greater Tampa area. Part of our second IM marriage (Kelly). Added a daughter in 2013.

    IM Story: Playing, coaching, or officiating... Matt is a man of many talents. The Hernandez Trailer hosted many unofficial IM events.

  • Joe Kearney

    Joe Kearney

    Spring 2005, Biology

    Now (Fall 2014): Call him Dr. Kearn, graduated Med School, now an ER doc in Florence, SC. Gettin' married in 2015 (Mary).

    IM Story: There are so many... "I Got Book" leads the list.

  • Chip Kirby

    Chip Kirby

    Fall 2004, Finance & Real Estate

    Now (Spring 2005): Account Executive with Accredited Home Lenders in Clearwater.

    IM Story: Mr. Basketball for 4 years with IM Sports.

  • Joe Knippel

    Joe (Paso) Knippel

    Spring 2005, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2011): Moved with wife Brittany to Daphne, Alabama (outside Mobile) to become Branch Manager for Alabama Roofing Supply.

    IM Story: Convinced the Kearn to get rid of his mop by teaming up for a buzz cut.

  • Kelly Mazone Hernandez

    Kelly Mazone

    Spring 2005, Accounting

    Now (Fall 2013): Now working for the IRS. Beware. Part of our second IM marriage (Matt). Added a daughter in 2013.

    IM Story: Part of the CAC/Xanadu empire that ruled IM Sports from 2004-2006.

  • Scott Moriak

    Scott Moriak

    Spring 2005, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2014): Part of the FSU Athletic Media Relations team focusing on women's soccer and women's softball.

    IM Story: Mr. Everything for the IM Office during his years with the program.

  • Jon Nasser

    Jon Nasser

    Summer 2005, Rec & Leisure Services

    Now (Fall 2007): Moved farther south, working Athletics for the City of Coral Gables.

    IM Story: Calm, cool, and collected... Brought style to IM basketball as official, not necessarily as a player.

  • Allison Reynolds

    Allison Reynolds

    Spring 2005, Biology

    Now (Fall 2011): Science Teacher at Melbourne Central Catholic High School.

    IM Story: Brought Band-Aid to cover squirting arteries; Puked on 4 co-workers in one sitting.

  • Erin Tyson Newell

    Erin Tyson

    Fall 2004, English Education

    Now (Fall 2012): Married (Robert) and teaching in Jacksonville.

    IM Story: Star catcher for All-Campus Women's Softball Champions, The Girls. Famous quote during interview with 4fsu-TV, "We knew we'd win."; Jumped in the pool, fully clothed, at the 2004 IM Swim Meet.

  • C-J Waters

    C-J Waters

    Spring 2005, Psychology and Fall 2007, Master's in Social Work

    Now (Fall 2012): Taking her social work skills to Texas.

    IM Story: Yet another IM staffer who dominated IM co-rec and women's leagues for nearly a decade. Wait, she was in school for nearly a decade.


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Campus Recreation hires its first full-time professional for Sport Clubs, Travis Redeker. Planning continues for the Rec SportsPlex, to open in 2007. And, it's back on the playground again as Dodgeball and Recess Challenge debut as IM sports.

Director: Mark Crager (IM and SC)

Assistant Directors: David Peters (IM), Travis Redeker (SC)

Graduate Assistant: Brooke Turner (IM)