2008-2009 Graduates

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  • Brittany Bailey

    Brittany Bailey

    Spring 2009, Political Science & Literature

    Now (Fall 2009): Now pursuing her law degree at Stetson.

    IM Story: Made one suggestion to Dave about dodgeball rules and the rulebook grew by 3 pages for the season.

  • Jordan Barker

    Jordan Barker

    Spring 2009, Finance

    Now (Spring 2015): Senior Group Operations Manager for Merrill Lynch in the Jacksonville area. Still trekking around to catch plenty of Seminole football.

  • Andrew Chadick

    Andrew Chadick

    Spring 2009, Sport Management

    Now (Summer 2014): Now the Director of Intramural Sports at UT-San Antonio. Recently married (2014, Megan).

    IM Story: What isn't there to like about Chadick... wait, what is there to like? There's the trademark sandiness.

  • Ryan Dawson

    Ryan Dawson

    Fall 2008, International Affairs & Political Science

    Now (Summer 2013): Getting married... yet another IM wedding.

    IM Story: Never, ever has his shirt untucked. Any shirt. Ever.

  • Kelly Dewald

    Kelly Dewald

    Spring 2009, Psychology

    Now (Fall 2013): In grad school in the Carolinas.

    IM Story: Queen of the awesome championship referee pictures.

  • Bo Hutchens

    Bo Hutchens

    Spring 2009, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Recreation, Travel, and Parks Director at Kings Bay Naval Base near Jacksonville. Married in 2009. Added a son in 2013.

    IM Story: Often tried to teach outdoors tips to Mike with limited success.

  • Tim Kellison, MS

    Tim Kellison

    Spring 2009, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Fall 2013): Dr. Kellison is now a professor at the enemy... the University of Florida.

    IM Story: Accurately and frequently accused others of spending more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff. Last member of the Big Ten GAs dynasty, until 2014.

  • Greg MacLeod

    Greg MacLeod

    Fall 2009, Political Science & Finance

    Now (Fall 2013): Financial Analyst with the Southern Company in Atlanta, GA.

    IM Story: Healthy by day, unhealthy by night. Founded Cheap Seats in 2005, managed deep playoff runs, but just one title - racquetball doubles.

  • Marquis Maye

    Marquis Maye

    Fall 2008, Math Education

    Now (Fall 2012): Teaching and coaching basketball in south Florida at Pembroke Pines Charter High.

    IM Story: Quietly controlled IM basketball during 2007 and 2008.

  • Jamison McKire

    Jamison McKire

    Fall 2008, Criminology & Religion

    Now (Fall 2011): Volunteer for Women in Distress organization in Broward County, using his IM talents and officiating basketball and football.

    IM Story: The split personalities of Jamison and Jazzy kept all entertained. Starred in YouTube videos. Enjoys Shirley Temples, the drink, perhaps too much. Earned All-American Honors at the NCCS Flag Football National Championships in 2008.

  • Megan Murphy Lenahan, M.Ed.

    Megan Murphy

    Spring 2008, Social Science Education and Summer 2009, Master's in Education

    Now (Fall 2013): Special education teacher at Dunwoody Elementary in the Atlanta area. Part of IM wedding #3, marrying Brian in 2010.

    IM Story: Injured her knee flushing a toilet. Yes, that's right, flushing a toilet.

  • Devon Nelson

    Devon Nelson

    Spring 2009, Exercise Science

    Now (Fall 2010): More school, now at Emory University in Atlanta working to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

    SC Story: The first Sport Club Program Assistant to grace the IM alumni page. Launched Field Hockey Club at FSU... some sport with goals.

  • Kevin Sapp

    Kevin Sapp

    Summer 2009, Management Information Systems

    Now (Fall 2009): Systems Engineer with Publix in Lakeland.

    IM Story: Quietly took care of business, managed to find delicious pizza-sized cookies laying around the gym.

  • Stefan Scheuermann

    Stefan Scheuermann

    Fall 2008, Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Global Branding Specialist for IRONMAN, based in Tampa.

    IM Story: Brought life to any IM gathering... the Stefan story is always a classic. An FSU Student Star in 2010.

  • Sean Wirt

    Sean Wirt

    Summer 2009, Exercise Science

    Now (Fall 2009): Migrated back to Tampa.


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All-American Awards: Jamison McKire (Flag Football)

Program Awards: Megan Murphy (Employee of the Year), Stefan Scheuermann (Supervisor), Officials Training Team (Work Team), Michael Pivowar (Commitment to Excellence), Ben Wenzofsky (Official), Ricky Hufty IV (Rookie), Chelsea Hair (Unsung Hero)

Director: David Peters (IM and SC)

Assistant Directors: Mike Collins (IM), Tommy Schorer (SC)

Graduate Assistants: Tim Kellison (IM), Maureen Michaud (IM)