2001-2002 Graduates

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  • Carlos Agudelo

    Carlos Agudelo

    Spring 2002, Physical Education

    Now (Winter 2005): Educating America's youth, teaching history at an alternative high school in the Bronx.

    IM Story: Worked a record 399 straight racquet sports shifts until Danny G stole one on sorority night. Table tennis expert.

  • Garret Copeland

    Garret Copeland

    Spring 2002, Sport Management

    Now (Summer 2012): Residing and working in Fort Myers. Now married (Jess) and recently added a son to his family.

    IM Story: Member of Deep ITB teams, claimed a soccer title in 2002.

  • Danny Gillion

    Danny Gillion

    Spring 2002, International Affairs

    Now (Fall 2010): Dr. Gillion is now an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Penn.

    IM Story: Known campuswide for his way with the ladies.

  • Brian Leung

    Brian Leung

    Spring 2002, Marketing

    Now (Fall 2010): Picked up an MBA from the enemy school in 2008.

    IM Story: Represented Asians in IMs, banned from driving the Gator after steering it into a wall at the Complex.

  • Mike Manasco

    Mike Manasco

    Spring 2002, Human Sciences & Sports Medicine

    Now (Fall 2011): Head coach for varsity football at Westland Hialeah Senior High in Miami.

    IM Story: Among the storied P-Funk legacy.

  • Steve Myer

    Steve Myer

    Spring 2002, Sport Management

    Now (Winter 2006): Out of teaching into Real Estate in the Miami area.

    IM Story: P-Funk, Baby! Enough said.

  • Matt O'Connor

    Matt O'Connor

    Spring 2002, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2014): Director of Intramural and Club Sports at the University of Virginia. Part of our first IM couple (Jenn).

    IM Story: Named All-American Flag Football Official in 2002. Member of the Gutter Cleaners bowling dynasty (IM champions in 2000 and 2002).

  • David Peters, M.S.

    David Peters

    Spring 2000, Meteorology & Comminications and Spring 2002, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Spring 2014): Never leaving, at least FSU. Moved to Associate Director role in 2013. Also, hosts banquets, announces at stadiums, teaches classes. Still has no athletic talent. Finally married (Allison) in 2014.

    IM Story: Staff meteorologist. Water Boy of Gutter Cleaners bowling dynasty. Expert wallyball player.

  • Nick Rider

    Nick Rider

    Spring 2002, Business

    Now (Fall 2011): Working television production at NASCAR races for SportsMEDIA Technology Corporation.

    IM Story: Leader of Gutter Gleaners dynasty which recorded the infamous "Comeback" to win the 2002 bowling title.

  • Jenn Smith O'Connor, M.S.

    Jenn Smith

    Spring 2001, Physical Education and Summer 2002, MS in Physical Education

    Now (Fall 2014): Headed to Charlottesville, Virginia with husband Matt O (1st IM wedding).

    IM Story: Set the record for years as an IM supervisor (5). Snagged a fellow IM supervisor to marry. Also snagged an IM champion t-shirt in 5 of her 6 years although rarely played anything.

  • Jason Stavrinou

    Jason Stavrinou

    Summer 2002, Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Now in Chicago after several years in Boston with Legal Sea Foods. Brewing his own beer (Slo Slammer), surprised? Soon to be married.

    IM Story: Working a shirtless sorority football game (how did we all miss this?). Infamous morning wood quote ranks #1 on IM Quote Board.

  • Erica Wasylishyn, M.S
  • Joe Zanconato

    Joe Zanconato

    Spring 2002, Criminology & Sociology

    Now (Fall 2012): Moving up the ladder with the Miami-Dade Police Department.

    IM Story: Fierce high-five. Prone to yelling out IM Office windows on megaphone. Surprisingly, can deliver a monster chest-bump. Member of the Gutter Cleaners bowling dynasty.


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The last of the infamous Chad McKenzie Years.

Director: Chad McKenzie (IM and SC)

Assistant Director: Laura McErlean Johnson (IM)

Graduate Assistants: David Peters (IM), Erica Wasylishyn (SC)