2002-2003 Graduates

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  • Paul Catalina

    Paul Catalina

    Fall 2002, Literature

    Now (Fall 2014): Working on-air and behind-the-scenes with 1660 ESPN Radio in Waco, Texas.

    IM Story: Most ejections (per semester) until Coorotch when nuts in 2003.

  • Ryan Courech

    Ryan Courech

    Summer 2003, Finance & Applied Economics

    Now (Spring 2014): Buying and selling houses with Meridan Captial Investments in Orlando. Married in 2014 (Sarah).

    IM Story: Established new record for participant ejections with 24 during his 2+ years with Intramurals.

  • Jess Elliott Guarnero

    Jess Elliott

    Fall 2002, Communications

    Now (Fall 2014): Moved with husband Pete to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Added a son to the family in 2012.

    IM Story: Most accident prone supervisor in IM history.

  • Shaun Gaines

    Shaun Gaines

    Spring 2003, Math Education

    Now (Spring 2014): After 8 years on the football coaching staff at Bethel University (McKenzie, TN), Shaun and his wife Leslie relocated to Marietta where he teaches and coaches at Lassiter HS. Recently added a son to the family.

    IM Story: Managed to piss off at least one fraternity each year.

  • Jay Gunsten

    Jay Gunsten

    Fall 2002, Finance

    Now (Fall 2010): Fighting fires and responding as an EMT back in Fort Lauderdale.

    IM Story: Quietly used soccer skills to play key role on Holy Rolls flag football team.

  • Tracy Justis Hayes

    Tracy Justis Hayes

    Spring 2003, Political Science and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

    Now (Fall 2015): Now a partner at the Sanders, Warren, & Russell law firm in the Kansas City area ... Married with 2 kids!

    IM Story: Fell into the pool while working an innertube water polo shift. Awarded water wings at next IM party.

  • Jason Leturmy

    Jason Leturmy

    Fall 2002, Finance & Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Back in Tallahassee... again! After a stint with the Atlantic 10 Conference, is once again working with Athletic Media Relations at FSU. Married (Aimee) in Summer 2010. Added a daughter to the family in 2013.

    IM Story: Member of the other IM bowling dynasty... Smokabowlers who lit it up in 2001.

  • Rusty Martin

    Rusty Martin

    Spring 2003, Environmental Studies & Economics and Spring 2006, Master's in Planning

    Now (Fall 2010): City Planner for Smyrna, Georgia

    IM Story: Finally cap'ned a championship team in flag football in 2002 as PUI used a Hail-Mary to beat ATO 20-19.

  • Teresa Miller

    Teresa Miller

    Summer 2003, Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2008): Teaching PE at Seabreeze HS in Daytona Beach, traveling to tropical destinations during the summer.

    IM Story: Another sign-in staff star, #2 to be promoted to supervisor.

  • Steve Myer, M.S.

    Steve Myer

    Spring 2002, Sport Management and Summer 2003, MS in Sport Administration

    Now (Winter 2006): Out of teaching into Real Estate in the Miami area.

    IM Story: P-Funk, Baby! Enough said.

  • Michelle Palmer Dillon

    Michelle Palmer

    Spring 2003, Exercise Science

    Now (Fall 2010): Dr. Dillon practices Naturopathic Healing in Charlotte, NC.

    IM Story: Quietly took charge of IM soccer in 2003.

  • Mitchell Quetant

    Mitchell Quetant

    Spring 2003, Chemical Engineering

    Now (Fall 2006): Last spotted in Salt Lake City working on a Master's in Biomedical Engineering.

    IM Story: Member of the infamous Hardcore IM teams.


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Mark Crager arrives at the new Director of Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs. Program expands sports and leagues to accommodate more participants.

Director: Mark Crager (IM and SC)

Assistant Director: David Peters (IM)

Graduate Assistants: Nick Rider (IM), Carlene Kratz (SC)