2011-2012 Graduates

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  • Jared Bishop

    Jared Bishop

    Spring 2012, Marketing & Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2014): Still in Law School at Suffolk University in Boston.

    SC Story: Has yet to find a barber he likes... or, has yet to find a barber, period.

  • Stuart Blalock

    Stuart Blalock

    Fall 2011, Marketing

    Now (Spring 2014): Headed back to Jacksonville, managing at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

    IM Story: The few, the proud, the defenders of soccer. Someone has to do it, Stu was up to the challenge.

  • Brad Brooks

    Brad Brooks

    Spring 2012, Finance & Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2014): Now in Treasury Sales with SunTrust in Fort Lauderdale.

    IM Story: Managed to work just enough shifts to remain employed during his senior year tour of participating in nearly every IM sport.

  • Tommy Callahan

    Tommy Callahan

    Summer 2012, Criminology

    Now (Spring 2014): Building upon all the practice his got patrolling the sidelines as an IM supervisor.

  • Jonathon Crouch, MS

    Jonathon Crouch

    Spring 2010, Mathematics Education and Spring 2012, MS in Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2012): Teaching high school mathematics and coaching varsity boys soccer in St. Pete.

    SC Story: A Sport Clubber for life, Crouch was the maturity in the Sport Club Office in his final year, if that's possible.

  • Leo Cruz

    Leo Cruz

    Spring 2012, Business

    Now (Fall 2012): Headed north to Chicago for his job in the world of business.

    IM Story: Your likelihood of getting injured at IMs was sky high; Leo set the record for injury forms per shift.

  • Kaleb Delk

    Kaleb Delk

    Spring 2012, Music Theory

    Now (Fall 2012): Keeping his musical talents in Tallahassee, pursuing a master's degree in music at FSU.

  • Michael Fundora

    Michael Fundora

    Spring 2012, Environmental Science

    Now (Fall 2012): Currently working in Miami, FL, and exploring grad school options.

    SC Story: Forced the creation of a "sleeves required" rule for office workers, or Fundy would have worn a tank top everyday.

  • Alex Gaines

    Alex Gaines

    Spring 2012, International Affairs

    Now (Fall 2012): TBA.

    IM Story: Quietly took care of business on the basketball court and as a facility sup.

  • Marcus Greene

    Marcus Greene

    Fall 2011, Sport Management

    Now (Spring 2012): Recently engaged and headed to Houston with his new fiance.

  • Jamal Gumbs

    Jamal Gumbs

    Summer 2012, Information Technology

    Now (Fall 2012): IT field analyst at Universal Orlando. Still chillin.

    SC Story: Cool, calm, and collected 24/7... Always chillin.

  • Jeremy Harmeling

    Jeremy Harmeling

    Spring 2012, Management

    Now (Fall 2012): Settled in back in Jacksonville.

    IM Story: It didn't hurt that they actually fit unlike his IM windbreaker. When you're crazy tall, that can be a problem.

  • Ben Holmes, MS

    Ben Holmes

    Spring 2010, Sport Management and Spring 2012, MS in Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Back in Tallahassee, too, as a Coordinator for Intramural Sports at FSU.

    IM Story: Took over role as sandiest supervisor from Chadick in 09-10. Great Protector of IM Property: Chief once chased down a TV thief at the RSP in a golf cart.

  • Kayla Johnson

    Kayla Johnson

    Spring 2012, Criminology

    Now (Fall 2013): Moved north to Virginia.

    IM Story: From sport club matches to IM games and roaming the sidelines, you could find KJ anywhere. In 2012-13, she took over as office intern. Brings the right amount of sarcasm to any job.

  • Eddie Lacher

    Eddie Lacher

    Spring 2012, Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Another one in a growing line of supervisors that has stuck around for a bit more schooling. In grad school now.

  • Michael Larimore

    Michael Larimore

    Spring 2012, Economics

    Now (Fall 2013): Another long-term Seminole, now in grad school pursuing a master's in urban and regional planning.

  • Jessica Lola, MS

    Jessica Lola

    Spring 2010, Sport Management and Spring 2012, MS in Sport Management

    Now (Fall 2013): Back in south Florida as a teacher and coach.

    IM Story: Multisport athlete who displayed talents at all levels from varsity softball to intramural flag football. Lola's talents overflowed as a staff member who worked every job in the program.

  • Josh Miller

    Josh Miller

    Spring 2012, Social Science

    Now (Fall 2013): Sales and Special Events Coordinator with Hilton. Recently married.

    IM Story: Another member of our always inside crew, evening after evening in Tully Gym.

  • Sam Spiers

    Sam Spiers

    Spring 2012, Social Work

    Now (Fall 2012): Extended her stay in Tallahassee and on the IM staff. Pursuing a master's in social work while managing the challenging people in Intramural Sports.

  • Ryan Zandimoghaddam

    Ryan Zandimoghaddam

    Spring 2012, Finance

    Now (Fall 2013): Another money man from the IM world, now a Project Analyst with Deloitte Consulting in Tallahassee.

    IM Story: The first of what turned into 3 Zandis as IM supervisors. Certainly the longest last name in IM history. Talented with a water balloon launcher.


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Program Awards: Jessica Lola (Employee of the Year), Justin Abram (Sport Supervisor), Kayla Johnson (Facility Supervisor), Jamal Gumbs (Commitment to Excellence), Sean Rady (Official), Maddie Glick (Rookie), Michele Burkholder (Unsung Hero)

Director: David Peters (IM and SC)

Assistant Directors: Mike Collins (IM), Chris Schmoldt (SC)

Graduate Assistants: Ben Holmes (IM), Vicki Andruszkiewicz (IM)